DIY Sustainable Mouthwash: Boost Your Oral Health with Green Living

DIY Sustainable Mouthwash: Boost Your Oral Health with Green Living

  • Learn how to create your own sustainable, eco-friendly mouthwash using natural ingredients like distilled water, baking soda, and essential oils, offering customization and reduced plastic waste.
  • Understand the cost-effectiveness and environmental impact of DIY mouthwash, including substantial savings and potential plastic waste reduction compared to store-bought alternatives.
  • Discover additional eco-friendly oral care tips, from using biodegradable dental products to water conservation, to complement your DIY mouthwash and contribute to a greener planet.


Taking care of your oral health is essential, and mouthwash plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy mouth. However, many store-bought mouthwashes contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to both our health and the environment. By making your own mouthwash, you can support green living while still enjoying the benefits of a clean, fresh mouth. Here, we'll guide you through the process of creating your own sustainable, eco-friendly mouthwash using simple, natural ingredients.

Benefits of DIY Mouthwash for Green Life Enthusiasts

  • Customizable: You can adjust the ingredients to cater to your specific oral health needs and taste preferences.
  • Eco-friendly: Homemade mouthwash reduces plastic waste from disposable bottles and avoids harmful chemicals often found in commercial products.
  • Cost-effective: Making your own mouthwash can be more affordable than purchasing store-bought alternatives.
  • Natural ingredients: Using natural ingredients ensures a healthier, safer option for your oral health.

Ingredients for Your DIY Sustainable Mouthwash

  • Distilled or filtered water: Provides the base for your mouthwash and ensures purity.
  • Baking soda: Neutralizes bad odors and helps maintain a balanced pH in the mouth.
  • Hydrogen peroxide (3%): Acts as an antimicrobial agent and helps whiten teeth.
  • Essential oils: Add flavor and offer additional health benefits (e.g., peppermint for freshness, tea tree for its antibacterial properties, and chamomile for soothing irritated gums).

How to Make Your DIY Mouthwash

Follow these simple steps to create your own sustainable, eco-friendly mouthwash:

  1. In a glass jar or bottle, combine 1 cup of distilled or filtered water with 2 teaspoons of baking soda.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide (3%) to the mixture.
  3. Choose your preferred essential oils and add 10-20 drops total (e.g., 10 drops of peppermint oil and 10 drops of tea tree oil).
  4. Close the jar or bottle and shake well to combine all ingredients.
  5. Store your DIY mouthwash in a cool, dark place to preserve its freshness and potency.

Using Your DIY Mouthwash for Optimal Oral Health

  • Swish your homemade mouthwash for 30 seconds to 1 minute after brushing your teeth.
  • Spit out the mouthwash without swallowing, as ingesting hydrogen peroxide can be harmful.
  • Use your DIY mouthwash once or twice daily to maintain a healthy, fresh mouth.

Embracing Green Living for Better Oral Health

Creating your own mouthwash is just one way to incorporate green living and sustainability into your oral care routine. Here are a few more eco-friendly tips:

  • Use a bamboo toothbrush and biodegradable dental floss.
  • Conserve water by turning off the tap while brushing.
  • Dispose of dental care products properly to minimize waste.
  • Support local, organic farmers for a healthier diet.

DIY Mouthwash Statistics

Average cost of store-bought mouthwash $4-6 per 16 oz.
Estimated cost of DIY mouthwash $0.50-1 per 16 oz.
Annual plastic waste reduction per person 4-6 bottles
Essential oils usage 10-20 drops (approx. 0.5-1 ml)


Green Living Impact on Oral Health

  Percentage of dentists recommending natural oral care products 35%
Annual water savings by turning off the tap while brushing 3,000 gallons per person
Organic food market growth Expected to reach $361.9 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 12.07%



Creating your own sustainable mouthwash is an easy and effective way to support green living while taking care of your oral health. By using natural ingredients and following eco-friendly practices, you can contribute to a healthier planet and a healthier smile. Embracing a sustainable lifestyle not only benefits your oral health but also helps preserve the environment for future generations.

Do you have any other DIY green living hacks for oral care? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments below, and let's inspire each other to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle!

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