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Your 2023 Eco Calendar: Celebrating Our Planet Throughout the Year

Our planet is a marvellous, vibrant living entity that supports a rich diversity of life. Every day of the year is an opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge the natural world. Here's an Eco Calendar for 2023 with a variety of environmental and sustainability events to mark in your schedule.

January: Kickoff with Nature

Begin the year by honoring Greta Thunberg's birthday on January 3rd. This young environmental activist has inspired millions with her courage and dedication to climate change awareness. Following that, January 5th marks National Bird Day—a perfect excuse to observe the avian wonders in your surroundings. And let's not forget Dian Fossey's Birthday on January 16th, paying tribute to her pioneering work in gorilla conservation.

February: Appreciating our Wetlands and Marine Life

World Wetlands Day on February 2nd serves as a reminder of the vital role these ecosystems play in supporting biodiversity and climate regulation. Mid-month, join the Great Backyard Bird Count and contribute to a global citizen science project. February also celebrates the majestic marine creatures on World Whale Day.

March: Acknowledging Vital Resources

March kicks off with World Wildlife Day and World Seagrass Day, drawing attention to the fascinating creatures that inhabit our planet and the importance of preserving marine grasslands. This month is also a celebration of rivers, forests, and water, including the globally recognized Earth Hour event. On a lighter note, Zoo Lovers Day on April 8th is the perfect day to support local zoos in their conservation efforts.

April: Earth Day and More

April is a special month for eco-enthusiasts. Earth Day on April 22nd is perhaps the most recognized environmental event globally. However, this month also marks the birthdays of renowned primatologist Jane Goodall and several week-long events like National Park Week and International Dark Sky Week.

May: Greenery and Biodiversity

May brings several opportunities to get involved in environmental action, from the European Day of Parks to World Bee Day. We can also celebrate diversity in all its forms on the International Day for Biological Diversity. Endangered Species Day and Bike-to-Work Day are other key events this month.

June: The Month of Oceans and Outdoors

June is a month to celebrate our oceans with World Oceans Day and World Reef Day. June also serves as a reminder to appreciate the outdoors and the benefits of being in nature with events like Great Outdoors Month and National Trails Day.

July: Conservation and Sustainability

July is a month dedicated to nature conservation and sustainable living. International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystems, World Nature Conservation Day, and World Ranger Day are events that underscore the importance of conserving our natural world.

August: A Focus on Bees and Primates

August offers opportunities to appreciate the diverse life forms on Earth with events like Mountain Day and International Primate Day. It's also a time to celebrate the hardworking honey bees on National Honey Bee Day.

September: Emphasizing Clean Air and Water

September is a month dedicated to raising awareness about preserving our ozone layer, promoting clean air, water monitoring, and maintaining our rivers' health. It also invites us to participate in global initiatives like the Clean Up the World Weekend and National Cleanup Day.

October: Climate Action and Sustainability

October focuses on the crucial topics of climate action, food security, and sustainable living. Events like World Food Day, International Day of Climate Action, and Sustainability Day are moments to reflect on our role in mitigating climate change.

November: Recycling and Conservation

November brings attention to topics such as recycling, hiking,and protecting the environment in times of conflict. Celebrate National Recycling Day, National Hiking Day, and International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict.

December: Celebrating Soil and Mountains

December rounds off the year with a focus on soil health, mountain ecosystems, and conservation. Events like World Soil Day, International Mountain Day, and Wildlife Conservation Day are moments to appreciate these valuable aspects of our natural world.

This calendar isn't just about marking dates; it's about realizing how each day offers a unique opportunity to make a difference. At Brush Club, we believe in everyday actions for a healthier planet. Even simple choices, like using a sustainably-sourced bamboo toothbrush, can contribute to the bigger picture.

So as you walk through 2023, let's make every day Earth Day. If you're looking for ways to incorporate sustainable choices into your everyday life, check out our range of eco-friendly dental care products. Remember, small actions lead to big changes. Calendar List:

  1. New Year’s Day: January 1st
  2. Greta Thunberg’s Birthday: January 3rd
  3. National Bird Day: January 5th
  4. National Electricity Day: January 9th
  5. Dian Fossey’s Birthday: January 16th
  6. Veganuary: All through January
  7. World Wetlands Day: February 2nd
  8. The Great Backyard Bird Count: February 18th
  9. World Whale Day: Third Sunday of February
  10. World Seagrass Day: March 1st
  11. World Wildlife Day: March 3rd
  12. Solar Appreciation Day: Second Friday of March
  13. International Day of Action for Rivers: March 14th
  14. World Consumer Rights Day: March 15th
  15. Global Recycling Day: March 18th
  16. Taxonomist Appreciation Day: March 19th
  17. World Rewilding Day: March 20th
  18. International Day of Forests, World Planting Day, World Wood Day: March 21st
  19. World Water Day: March 22nd
  20. World Meteorology Day: March 23rd
  21. Earth Hour: Last Saturday of March
  22. World Aquatic Animal Day, Jane Goodall’s Birthday: April 3rd
  23. Zoo Lovers Day: April 8th
  24. World Fish Migration Day: April 21st
  25. Earth Day: April 22nd
  26. Earth Month: All through April
  27. National Garden Month: All through April
  28. National Park Week: Week-long event in April
  29. International Dark Sky Week: Week-long event in April
  30. Fashion Revolution Week: Week-long event in April
  31. Greenery Day in Japan: May 4th
  32. Green Up Day in Vermont: First Saturday of May
  33. World Migratory Bird Day: Second Saturday of May
  34. World Bee Day: May 20th
  35. Endangered Species Day, Bike-to-Work Day: Third Friday of May
  36. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Day: May 21st
  37. International Day for Biological Diversity: May 22nd
  38. European Day of Parks: May 24th
  39. Intersectional Environmentalist Day: May 28th
  40. National Trails Day: First Saturday of June
  41. World Reef Day: June 1st
  42. World Environment Day: June 5th
  43. World Oceans Day: June 8th
  44. Coral Triangle Day: June 9th
  45. Global Wind Day, Nature Photography Day: June 15th
  46. World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought: June 17th
  47. World Rainforest Day: June 22nd
  48. Great Outdoors Month: All through June
  49. National Pollinators Month: All through June
  50. National Rose Month: All through June
  51. Oceans Week: Week-long event in June
  52. National Mosquito Control Awareness Week: Week-long event in June
  53. World Population Day: July 11th
  54. International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystems: July 26th
  55. World Nature Conservation Day: July 28th
  56. World Ranger Day: July 31st
  57. Plastic Free July: All through July
  58. National Clean Beaches Week: July 1st to 7th
  59. Anniversary of the Great American Outdoors Act: August 4th
  60. Mountain Day: August 11th
  61. National Honey Bee Day: Third Sunday of August
  62. International Primate Day: September 1st
  63. National Wildlife Day: September 4th
  64. Amazon Rainforest Day: September 5th
  65. International Day of Clean Air: September 7th
  66. National Cleanup Day: 3rd Saturday of September
  67. International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer: September 16th
  68. World Water Monitoring Day: September 18th
  69. Clean Up the World Weekend: Third Weekend of September
  70. Arbor Day, Zero Emissions Day: September 21st
  71. World Car-Free Day: September 22nd
  72. National Public Lands Day: Last Saturday of September
  73. World Environmental Health Day: September 26th
  74. National Crush a Can Day: September 27th
  75. World Rivers Day: Last Sunday of September
  76. International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste: September 29th
  77. Zero Waste Week: First Week of September
  78. European Mobility Week: Week-long event in September
  79. National Drive Electric Week: Week-long event in September
  80. World Habitat Day: First Monday of October
  81. World Vegetarian Day, National Green City Day: October 1st
  82. World Farm Animals Day: October 2nd
  83. World Animal Day: October 4th
  84. Energy Efficiency Day: First Wednesday of October
  85. International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction: October 13th
  86. International E-Waste Day: October 14th
  87. World Food Day: October 16th
  88. International Day of Climate Action: October 24th
  89. Sustainability Day: Fourth Wednesday of October
  90. World Habitat Awareness Month: All through October
  91. Junk Mail Awareness Week: October 1st to 7th
  92. National Herbal Medicine Week: Last Week of October
  93. World Vegan Day: November 1st
  94. International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict: November 6th
  95. National Recycling Day: November 15th
  96. National Hiking Day: November 17th
  97. World Fisheries Day: November 21st
  98. Green Friday: First Friday after Thanksgiving
  99. Giving Tuesday: First Tuesday after Thanksgiving
  100. Native American Heritage Month: All through November
  101. Wildlife Conservation Day: December 4th
  102. World Soil Day: December 5th
  103. International Mountain Day: December 11th
  104. Look for an Evergreen Day: December 19th
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