• Restoring Forests

    Reforestation lies at the heart of what we do, funding efforts around the globe.

  • Removing Ocean Plastic

    With biodegradable supplies, Brush Club members remove around 4 plastic toothbrushes from entering our oceans, every year.

  • Carbon Neutrality

    We offer bi-annual deliveries to reduce our carbon footprint. All deliveries are 100% carbon-neutral.

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We're more than just a toothbrush company...

Hi there, I'm Santi.

Born and raised in Venezuela, a country that boasts incredible natural beauty, I've always felt a deep connection with our planet. My love for Mother Nature was cultivated through countless memories – from family hikes in El Ávila to sun-soaked days on our coastal shores.

However, a pivotal moment struck me during my time living in Miami. Walking along the beaches, I was disheartened to find not shells or sea glass, but discarded toothbrushes washing ashore. The sight was a stark contrast to the natural beauty I grew up with, and it served as a wake-up call.

That's when Brush Club was born.

Our aim? To seamlessly merge the beauty of nature with everyday dental care. At Brush Club, we craft sustainably harvested bamboo toothbrushes and corn floss rolls that don't compromise on quality. We're more than just a brand; we're a movement. By choosing us, you're also choosing to combat the billion plastic toothbrushes that endanger our oceans annually.

In our quest to go the extra mile, we've partnered with Sendle, ensuring every product reaches you with a 100% carbon-neutral delivery. Because for us, every detail counts.

I invite you to join us on this journey. It's more than just eco-friendly dental care; it's a statement, a commitment, a lifestyle. Together, let's care for our smiles and our planet, one sustainable step at a time.

Small steps, big impact.