mangrove seeds being planted in reforestation effort

Brush Club x Sprout: Doubling Down on Our Reforestation Promise!

  • Introducing our collaboration with Sprout by The GoodAPI to enhance Brush Club's ongoing reforestation efforts, focusing on Mangrove forests in Madagascar.
  • Learn how Mangroves are essential in the fight against climate change, holding significant amounts of carbon and promoting biodiversity.
  • Discover how your purchase with Brush Club can have a more considerable impact on reforestation—every purchase plants an extra tree, and a $1 donation plants three more.


At Brush Club, sustainability is not just a buzzword—it's a promise, a mission, and a commitment. We've always been at the forefront of eco-responsibility, ensuring reforestation with every package we ship. And today, we're elated to announce an enhancement to our ongoing reforestation efforts.

Enter our collaboration with Sprout developed by The GoodAPI!

Why Sprout?

When we came across the Eden Reforestation Projects through Sprout, it resonated deeply with our core values. This wasn't just about planting trees, but a comprehensive approach to preserving ecosystems, nurturing wildlife diversity, improving coastlines, and lauding the efforts of the Mangrove forests in Madagascar.

Magnifying Our Mangrove Impact

Mangroves might be the world’s best-kept secret in the fight against climate change. They pack a punch, holding an impressive 20 petagrams of carbon, rivaling even the vast Amazon. Their conservation isn't just crucial—it's imperative.

Amplifying Our Efforts

For every purchase you make, in addition to our ongoing efforts, we're planting an extra tree in partnership with Sprout. Want to make your purchase count even more? Donate a mere $1, and we'll ensure three more trees are planted!

Madagascar, with its diverse wildlife, stands to gain immensely. From lemurs to birds, from amphibians to mammals, this reforestation ensures these species continue to thrive.

Our decision to align with Sprout and consequently, the Eden Reforestation Projects, also drew inspiration from Paul Rosolie's JungleKeepers, a guiding light in Amazon conservation. Their indomitable spirit in conserving threatened habitats resonated deeply with our vision.

A Heartfelt Thank You!

It's your unwavering support that allows us to explore new avenues and partnerships, like the one with Sprout. Each enhancement, each additional tree, and each step forward is made possible by our Brush Club family.

Join us in this augmented chapter of the Brush Club story, one that promises even more forests, enriched wildlife, and a brighter, greener future. Dive into more mangrove facts and be a part of this enhanced journey!

💬 We're all ears! Share your thoughts on our extended commitment below. Or suggest other eco-initiatives you'd love to see us explore!

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